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About Girls in STEM

In conjunction with Women’s History Month, Relentless Group presents the 3rd Annual Girls in STEM Conference with the mission to inspire, motivate and encourage girls ages K-12 to get involved with and to be excited by STEM through experience and conversation.


This half-day conference will be filled with female STEM careerists "wo-manning" booths that showcase STEM activities while having meaningful dialogue with our attendees.

Dottie Rose Foundation

Girls in STEM 2024 Conference is proud to support Dottie Rose Foundation as the recipient of a portion of our proceeds to continue their support of girls focused on STEM in the Queen City. 

The Issue

Over the past 7 years, Relentless Group has worked with several organizations and non-profit partners in the and has seen them struggle to increase the number of girls joining STEM programs.


We realized that we needed to create engagement through which girls could envision themselves in roles for themselves in the future based on showcasing women role models in various industries at an amazing corporate location.


Previous generations have worked very hard to break the gender gap of women in STEM as well as the glass ceiling for leadership roles. They have fought for equal compensation and upward career opportunities. If we do not inspire girls to get involved in programs available, opportunities will be missed, and the gap will continue to remain and get larger.

A Partnership Approach

This Conference is one that women in businesses large and small, non-profits, and university clubs participate.


Awareness is so very important for our students and their parents, but action is even more so important. Workplace bias and advocacy for inclusion has been acknowledged and is starting to become recognized and fought for in the workplace. We must continue to create spaces and events that amplify and elevate those conversations for the next generation of young people.


Let us continue to provide young women with positivity, excitement, and encouragement and give them a memorable afternoon that will remain with them for a lifetime.

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Girls In STEM 2023


Girls In STEM 2023

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Girls In STEM 2023